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  2. Version

    113 nedladdningar

    Semi Milk trailer *2 . Autoboggie , 30000-100000L And change axel.
  3. https://sharemods.com/1f5atio7dadj/FS19_Daliyfarmv1_1.zip.html v1.1
  4. Jag gillar dem. bygger som vill ha dem
  5. Version 1.1.0

    351 nedladdningar

    Daliyfarm Edit Lantmanenfs v1.0600 cow , Manure system and more
  6. Version 1.6.0

    75 nedladdningar

    Fliegl Semi Roadtrain Biogas Trailer v1.6Manure system , Autoboggie, 2axl 32000L 3axl 50000L 4axl 100000 Loading biogas water liquidManure liquidFertilizer digestate
  7. Version 1.0.0

    206 nedladdningar

    Adjust seat, Diffrent engine and setup. Diffrent engine setup.4*2 and more.Hp 560-730
  8. Version 2.3.0

    509 nedladdningar

    Scania som vinterförberedd med plogar och salt spridare. Motor 560-730hp Plogar styrs som en kran. Lastbilen går välja mellan 6*6 8*6 Boggie. ITC lift . 3 olika däck, Scania prepared for winter with plows and salt spreaders. V1.1 Plows are controlled like a crane. The truck can choose from 6 * 6 8 * 6 Boggie. ITC lift. 3 different tires, #Lantmanenfs #Norrgårdens Modding and Paint
  9. Version 1.0.0

    499 nedladdningar

    Scania Johnsson Bruks, Trailer and bruks in shop. The truck container acts as a bucket. Then the load goes over to the trailer. Boggie the car and choose the number of axles.The chipper and the crane are separate.Are several groups with different controls. Controll Scania Group 1 Cabin Cabin camera forwad or back, Support front out ! Group 2 Cabin Empty container , Forwad out up and down. Group3 Cabin AXIS_CRANE_ARM Coverside down Crane Controll Group 2 AXIS_CRANE_TOOL3 cabin up/down AXIS_CRANE_TOOLBruks table
  10. LantmannenFS

    JD 1910 Bamse

    Version 1.5.0

    205 nedladdningar

    JD 1910 BAMSE V1.5 JD 1910 Bamse with tools Comes with several machine tools. Dumpbox, 2 grapples, harvester and ITC with swivel wreath. 2 different motors. Diffrent wheels.
  11. Version 1.0.0

    701 nedladdningar

    Scania Crane and HKL 6*6 or 8*6 Snow support3 group. 1 Cabin and support. 2 HKL 3 crane.Boggie and option when buy. v1.1 Här https://sharemods.com/z82nkz3kh7v9/fs19_scania_hkl_Snow_The_Viking_cranev1_1.zip.html The Viking Stone https://sharemods.com/e57gxxvzez27/fs19_scania_hkl_Snow_Stone_cranev1_1.zip.html
  12. Version 1.4.0

    219 nedladdningar

    Large cow pasture Edit Lantmanenfs500 cow. Watertank and food one place. Sesong with snow on roof.14Mb
  13. Version 1.0.0

    66 nedladdningar

    Easy Shed Lantmanenfs Sesong and light. Glasside on this.
  14. Version 1.0.0

    176 nedladdningar

    Large Mechanic Shop edit Lantmanenfs add Seseong ready . Snow on roof!
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